About us

About Tunninen Oy Finland

Founded with the pure aim for Integrations (IT), Industrial IoT (Internet of Things), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cyber Security in 2006.
We started as a small home end computer service company and we have climbed our way to Finland's corporate level business world.
We have mastered the challanges of IT Infrastructure and Security for our clients by sheer hard work and dedication.
We are currently located in Helsinki, the capital of Finland.

Partnership with Microsoft

We have been partners with Microsoft since 2006 (Organization Partner ID ( MPN): 2553970)
We sell Microsoft products e.g. O365
Microsoft Azure is base for all our cloud solutions
Data analyses are based on HDInsight

Energy consumption products are based on SQL.
Our programmers are highly experienced in C#, Swift, Java, Python, ASP.NET platform and Xamarin.
We use Atlassian products in project management.
We use embedded Indicium application for data visualization.

Company details

Legal name: Tietotekniikkapalvelut Tunninen Oy
Company type: OY osakeyhtiö ( limited company)
Office address: Itis Shopping Centre Toimistotalo 1
Itäkatu 1-5, 4th Floor, 00930 Helsinki, Finland.
Phone number: +358(0)9 273 1366