Tietotekniikkapalvelut Tunninen Oy started as a small computer service company in Vantaa Rekola, Finland. A small step at a time we have climbed our way to Finlands business world and have gained a chance work with some of the biggest corporations in Finland.
We have managed to satisfy our customers on both home and corporate level. Our caring customer service has guaranteed results. Our oldest customers even from Vantaa still call us when they need computer services and naturally we still help them.
Through hard work, dedication and capable employees our companies' size has grown and seems to be growing far in to the future.
What we have learned is that creative problem solving is key to success. When you think outside the box, you can create something no one else has thought before. Even when we were small we managed to create products that rivaled with markets biggest names.
We started this company in 2006 and with years of success we can say with confidence that we know what we are doing.