DMP is a management portal formerly known as CoT: Consumption of Things
DMP is a tool used to manage huge data quantities of all types.
It might not occur at first but handling large quantities of data in a form that enables even others to read it is a difficult challenge.
Our old CoT portal managed to gather data from sensors, such as co^2, temperature and humidity. It also kept track of premises water and energy consumption.
All this data was managed in a way that any other third party program was able to quickly make use of it.
DMP is the evolved version of CoT. We use highly developed tools and combination channels to gather data from all kinds of sources, from complex API interfaces to customer feedback applications.
DMP is what fuels all our other products. TVE, Indicium, Roska, AzuCamera and so on all use DMP's databases.
If you need a data management tool that you can use as a base for even your own products and applications, DMP is for you.
If you're interested, contact us!