Platform Economy

Published on 29 May, 2018
Platform Economy

We believe platform economy is going to challenge and ultimately beat the current business models, coupled with machine learning and AI.

The most successful and fastest growing corporations globally utilize platforms and data bus already to an extent, which means collecting, analysing, validating and enriching data to create new insights to drive the business forward and create new value. It has huge potential.

To make this work you need a wide range of experience in data handling and manipulating to make the insights visible and making that as basis for strategy and decision making. Technology is one thing but only an enabler if you know what you are doing. The end result is always not known when you start although you can make educated guesses that you test with data. Starting is most important, don’t waste any more time waiting!

The real value becomes when you get more players and stakeholders in the value chain to use the same platform and ecosystem for their data so you will centralise it and find truly exciting insights and with every step take what you learnt and bring it further, enriching it. This is possible with open interfaces to all directions so you can easily include everything.

It would be risky and lacking vision not to utilize this opportunity. This will transform the business and prepare you to the future, ahead of competition. Many companies already collect data and analyse it for themselves, in silos and in isolation but the real value becomes in further phases and with having all stakeholder data in one place.

Are you up to this?