Tunninen Virtual Employee

Published on 03 Jul, 2018
Tunninen Virtual Employee

AI is the new buzzword of the business world. Everybody is talking about it, but only a select few have managed to take it far enough to ensure monetary benefit from it. We here at Tunninen OY have.

You might have heard of, for example, Alexa and Siri. They are virtual assistants who are capable of voice interaction, music playback, making to-do lists and so on. Alexa and Siri are what people generally perceive as Artificial Intelligence, AI in short. That is not exactly true. They are more like computers that are used through voice commands to execute scripted functions based on those commands. There is very little, if any, actual ’artificial intelligence’ behind it.

What if someone were to implement actual ’intelligence’ to these virtual assistants. Something that would be able to utilize data and independently come to its own conclusions. Not as ”I will react to this command and execute the corresponding function” but as ”Based on this information, I think we should do this”. And with that introduction we here at Tunninen Oy would like to present the TVE!

TVE stands for Tunninen Virtual Employee. You can think them as independent workers that have been created virtually. Each TVE is created with a so called ‘life goal’ that it pursues with tools and information it’s given. Life goal can even be something fairly complicated e.g. ‘lower expenses on logistics’. TVE can utilize all sorts of data, for example direct feedback or expense reports. It uses pattern recognition and machine learning to understand the data it’s given and from that it eventually comes up with a result. It’s also trained to learn from its results, basically ”If this works, I’ll do it the next time”.

In the end of the process TVE gives you an analysis. It says what should be done in order to get closer to fulfilling TVE’s life goal. These analyses can be used to assist decision making or fully automatize actions left for the TVE to handle. The analyses offer competitive edges that might not have been found with a human employee thus assuring business advantage.

Would you like to get a fully customizable employee that works day and night to fulfill a ’life goal’ that you have given to it? Contact us and get yourself a TVE!